Friday, October 24, 2008


I made it to and back from my PCV visit to Ganja. I left October 11 at night and left Ganja October 13 at night – the trip was short, but fun. The PC arranged for us to take the night train there and when I found out that the night train had real sleeper cars I was so excited! I just thought that it was train that I would sleep in a chair. So I imagined what I thought this amazing night train would be like – the James Bond night trains of course! I completely imagined this amazingly cool room with a giant bed and a descent about of space to maneuver. Well, needless to say that my sleeper room did not live up to my expectations – my sleeper car looked nothing like James Bond’s – nonetheless I enjoyed the experience. Five AZ6ers went to Ganja to visit the 4 PCVs already there, so it was like one big party! The PCVs went all out and made tons of American food for us (biscuits and gravy, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, tacos, brownies, beef straw-ga-noff (which I obviously don’t know how to spell (ironic because when I was little it was my favorite meal, always mine birthday meal request) so I am writing it phonetically to the best of my ability). Monday afternoon we were given the official ‘Tour de Tor’ of some Ganja highlights by the PCV named Tor. Then we went to one of Rae’s English conversation clubs for some University Students (Ganja is home to 5 universities). I enjoyed meeting and talking with the students; I was really impressed with their level of English – very high. So what story of mine would be complete without some random event happening? So, all was well and Monday night we left to catch a bus to take us to the train station to catch our 9.20 pm train. Well, the bus did not come when expected. Actually we were told that the bus did not run that late. So we went to another spot to catch a different bus. Our PCV put us on the bus and told us to run when we got to the platform to catch our train. Run we did! The train was pulling out as when got on the platform. So, here are five Americans running after a train. Chris, a fellow AZ6, got to the train first when the ‘stewardess type’ lady told us we could not get on the train. So, we ran to the next car and Chris jumped/threw himself on the train – definitely crawling through the legs of a couple of stewardesses. Pretty positive that is a cultural no-no! So, I am next as I begin to climb on a moving train. I am half on half off when the train stops! They let us on and told us not to be late next time. All is well that ends well and we made it back safe and sound to our homes.

bottle house in Ganja

from left to right: Todd (AZ6), Chris (AZ6), Tom (AZ5), Brian (AZ5), Tor (AZ5), Suzanne (AZ6), Rae (AZ5), Tony (AZ6)

Our night train room (I slept on one of the top bunks)

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Joy said...

you got to climb on a moving train??? I'm so jealous!