Sunday, October 5, 2008


Okay. So once again I attempted to boil water last night in preparation for my run this morning. So I boiled the some water (and learned that I don't have to light the gas stove with a match, just press a button - go figure!) again. I poured the boiling water in my nalgene so it could cool down for this morning and then I poured some water in the glass pitcher on the table. Let's just say not smart. So I learned not to pour hot water in glass because the entire bottom just fell off! And all the water fell to the floor and on my feet. I felt horrible, but my host mom said not to worry about it. She said they had plenty of pitchers and that I didn't need to replace it. I am not going to lie - the fact that she and my host sister broke three cups the same day by pouring hot tea in them did make me feel a little bit better! But, my host mother did tell me that 10 years ago she did the exact samething when she was working. Her co-worker told her that that it meant that she would be married within the year, and guess what? She met her husband and got married! Go figure! :) So, then my host mom told me it was fate and that I would marry an Azerbaijani guy. I am over 25 and thus considered a spinster in this culture. Maybe my lack of common sense will help me out after all! (I am totally joking for anyone who is considered that I am being serious.) One day I really might have a normal day! But at least I found my door after my run!


The Biambys said...

Hi Aunt Hannah! So there is hope for you. Just Kidding. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. I hope that you continue to have fun. What kinds of things are you learning in your YD classes?

Nicole Wilson said...

that story about your gate is great... too bad you hadn't already taken a photo of it to carry along with you. :)

David Botts said...

Hey Hannah,
Great stories. Sounds like you are having a blast. We miss you back at the Y but I'm glad things are going so well for you. Give me your address and I'll fedex u some double-ply charmin.