Saturday, December 6, 2008

Almost offical!

Well, PST is closing to an end and in just a matter of days I will be an offical PC Volunteer! Quite exciting. Wednesday is the big day and at 2.00pm our Swearing In Ceremony begins and soon after I will be offical! It has been a long, but quite short road to get here. Yesterday I had my final PST language test, I feel like I completely bombed it! Yikes! I am supposed to find out my scores tonight, so hopefully I didn't do as bad as I think. Well, just as I was typing I recieved my score - intermediate mid! That is the required language level for a YD volunteer for the end of PST! I am pretty pumped!

I am going to type up a blog at home to post, but I just haven't had time yet. But I will and hopefully Wednesday morning I can make it to the interent cafe and upload pictures and a new post. (These will probably be the last pictures I am able to upload for a while because my camera is busted! So once I leave PST I will not have any friends to bum pictures off of - sad day. I am not sure what happened, but one day I went to take a picture and it won't work. So I guess until I can get it fixed or buy a new camera, no pictures, but I will just try to do better descriptions I guess!) I have been spending a lot of time with my friends, I am really going to miss them once we move to the regions. On a side note, once I move to Imishli even though I won't have pictures, I will have just daily access to internet at work! So at least I will be able to update my blog a ton more!

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The Biambys said...

I guess by now you are offical! I have been trying to call the last few nights but something keeps coming up. I promise I will call soon. We miss you Aunt Hannah!