Monday, September 28, 2009

Viewer discretion advised: subject matter might not be suitable for all audiences

So, what do you do when your only toilet is being remodeled? Well, if you live in Azerbaijan you do the most obvious choice of course. You poop and pee in the yard! Yes, my toilet is being remodeled. The toilet room is being tiled and we are moving up in the world because now we will have a squatty potty that flushes! And wait there is more. We now will have a little hose thing that we can clean ourselves with; and when I say we I mean my host family. I am an old fashioned girl and will stick to the toilet paper. But, on that note now that we will have a tiled room and new squatty potty my good old plastic bag isn’t going to cut it for holding my dirty toilet paper (we don’t flush those here). So now I get to go to the bazaar and go shopping for a super rad trash can for my dirty toilet paper. However, my host mom has her heart set on me becoming completely Azerbaijani and doing away with the unclean toilet paper (she believes it does not clean very well). So she has promised to teach me how to clean myself with the water hose. I insisted that I would come out of the bathroom with my clothes completely soaked in water as I try to maneuver that thing which in turn caused my host mom to roll over with laughter and further secured promises that she would teach me to properly use it and not get any of my clothes wet. So until our little renovation project is finished I will be fighting the chickens for the most private places in my yard. Does make me wonder though what I will be doing when are shower room gets remodeled with tile.

On a completely unrelated side note – geese are really creepy. I was walking on Friday to visit someone and a pack (maybe flock is the right word here) of geese were congregated outside her gate. I don’t think I have ever seen or heard geese cry out (again the proper bird terminology evads me). But all these geese had their necks strained and lowered with their heads tilted up as they cried out for whatever reason. That in itself was pretty creepy because the sound they make is not a pleasant one and they looked weird in that position, but add to it that when I walked next to them to enter the gate they all turned their strained necks and shrieking heads toward me and started moving in on me. That was creepy. I think I will add geese to my bird hate list. Right now I have roosters and geese; in the next 15 months I wonder how many more birds I can add to it?


Jenna said...

one time a goose....the BIG kind...with biiiig fat necks....the mean ones.....chased me, my dad, and mom at the dad and I got into the car and saved mom failed and had to climb onto the car....she got bit on the nose

Hannah said...

oh gosh. who know geese could be so vicious!?! I guess I made out lucky.

Jeremy & Erin Morin said...

Let me just say that your post made me cringe, laugh, and want to cry all at the same time. You are certainly a better person than I am, Hannah!! Also, the correct term for a group of geese is a gaggle, no joke!

:) Erin Morin