Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How I've Changed

A few things that don't phase me anymore:

1. Having to pay extra at a store because you asked for a receipt

2. A store not having the coins you need for change so instead you are given matches, candy, or a pen

3. Having guests come to your house and stay from 11am - 4pm and thinking once they leave that they only stayed for a short period of time

4. Not remembering the last time I changed my outfit and yet continuing to wear it daily

5. Using a broom to sweep my carpets and thinking it is perfectly normal

6. Not knowing anymore if what I do and don't do is normal by Azerbaijani or American standards

All I can say, is watch out America. Every time I come back from overseas I always have new habits that disgust and drives my family crazy. I can't even imagine what you all will think of me now!


Joanna said...

I personally want to try the matches instead of change thing here in America! Oh the fun we could have with it!:) Miss you!

Hannah said...

I actually love getting the matches here because I use them daily to light my stove and heat source. Very pratical. miss you too!