Friday, April 23, 2010

New Pictures

My host family wanted to chop down a lot of unfruitful trees (literally, the trees that were fruit trees that were not providing fruit) from my yard. When I heard what was going down I decided to go help them; and when I say help them I mean watch. As my host parents were getting tired my host mom asked me to help cut down one of the trees. I thought, how hard can this really be right? Well, it is a little harder than it looks. I like to blame the dull saw and ax for my absolute failure, but in reality I just couldn't make the cut! My host mom, when she found her breath from all the laughter of watching my horrible attempts, asked me "Didn't your father teach how to do this?" Which got me laughing and I said no. (So mom, for the first time you are not to blame for my failure of knowledge!)
My failed attempts to cut down the tree.

The pros at work.

I realized that you all may have never seen a picture of Yaqut and Fizuli (my second family here.) These are the people that I consider my closest friends, next to my host mom, and at whose house I can be found if I am not at home or at work.

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