Sunday, September 21, 2008

My last day!

So I just finished my pre-departure training - basically Peace Corps 101. That means tonight is my last night in the US, which is completely unbelievable to me. However, tonight I will again hang out with my friends from TUJ (Temple University Japan) from when I lived in Tokyo. I had a lot of fun seeing them last night and look forward to my last dinner in the US - Korean!

I do have a few updates on my next week. We arrive in Baku Tuesday night around 9.05 pm. We (all 61 volunteers headed to Azerbaijan) will be staying in a hotel until Saturday. Then the big day happens - Saturday I will meet my host family for the next 11 weeks while we have pre-service training. I know I will not have any Internet access until Sunday at the earliest - so no news is good news. There is a quite large group of headed to Azerbaijan and also quite diverse in ages. We have several 50 + volunteers, 4 married couples, a large group of recent college grads, and then mid twenties to early thirties group. So, I will update my blog as soon as I am able!

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Nicole Wilson said...

can't wait to hear from you now that you're there! hopefully the hotel will have internet or something...
much love, dearie!

p.s. - don't forget to give us your addy!