Sunday, October 5, 2008

First few days…

Well, I must say that my arrival to Azerbaijan was a whirlwind. We left Philadelphia and departed for Frankfurt and then to Baku. The first leg of the flight was around 8 hours; I slept most of the way thus causing the flight to seem quite short. However, the shorter leg (Frankfurt to Baku) of the flight only totaled about 4 hours but I thought it would never end. But finally we arrived in Baku late Tuesday night. We walked out of customs and were greeted by cheering Peace Corps staff and current volunteers. (They are called AZ5 and I am an AZ6 because I am the 6th group of volunteers to serve in Azerbaijan.) They helped us load the luggage of all 61 of us on two giant tourist type buses and we immediately left for Aqua Park Hotel located in Sumgayit. We received our room assignments and headed off to bed because the next morning we officially started our PST (pre-service training). Being at Aqua Park was a bit surreal because it was very nice and we were a bit isolated. However, I enjoyed being beach front to the Caspian Sea, which I fully took advantage of with daily walks on the beach. We left Aqua Park on Saturday to head to our host families.
Caspian Sea

Traiditional Dance performed for us at the hotel

AZ6 dancing (in traditional Azeri way)

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