Friday, October 24, 2008

I am alive!

Hello everyone! Once again I have another marathon blog update (as my sister called my last one) for everyone. I just realized that I messed up the order when I posted my updates. I was trying to go for chronological order, but instead I have the newest first event first and the oldest last - sorry about that. Also, I am so sorry for the long absence without updates. I came last Sunday to update my blog, however the internet was not working well and I could not get the blog site to work Today, Friday, is the first day I have been able to come back to the internet club. I am trying my best to update it regularly, so please be patient with me!

Just to give a brief update of this past week – nothing super exciting. Expect that I found out my sister had her baby boy! I was really excited about that and I was able to talk to her and my mom on Wednesday, definitely the highlight of my week. Yesterday I had my site placement interview with the Youth Development Program Manager. November 5th is the big deal – the day of my permanent site placement announcements. This morning I had my first language assessment test, I am glad it is over with for now. I will find out my language level by Monday (by the end of PST I am supposed to be at Intermediate Mid). That has been my week – Sunday my cluster and I were invited to “guest” (i.e. visit) at the house of one of the math teachers at the school where we have our language lessons and to a wedding that night by another teacher. Then we, as a group, are going to have our first weekly Office (as in the tv show) Night. I have never seen the Office before, but I no many people who absolutely love it – so my expectations are high! I will update my blog again as soon as I am able!

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