Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Same old same old

Hello to all! I can’t remember when my last post was so I have no idea where to start with what has been happening here. Time seems to just run together for me. My life has been pretty uneventful as of late so I don’t really have much of anything to say! I have been having some serious stomach issues, which has been the main events in my life for the past two weeks. Not to go into too much detail (which I would love to, but for your all’s sake I won’t) I will just say I have had some hardcore constipation and leave it at that. So if you think of it please add stomach issues to your prayers for me, in addition to language learning.

It is Monday night for me (I will be posting this Tuesday afternoon when I go to the internet club) so that means that in just two days I will know my permanent site! I am fighting anxiousness and anxiety. I am really excited for numerous reasons, but mainly because it will make the PC seem more real. Right now I can say that I will be living somewhere for 2 years working with some organization; but after Wednesday afternoon I can say where I will be living and with what organization I will be working. I also pretty confident I will have at least 1 site mite, whether an Az5 or Az6. It is pretty hard to be that far from someone with 100 volunteers living in a country roughly the size of Maine! So, I am anxious to know who I will be possibly sharing a community with – so many variables that I will find the answers to on Wednesday afternoon! But unfortunately for you all I will not be able to return to the internet café until probably Nov. 11th, which means if you want to know before then you will just have to call me! (If you do have the burning urge to talk to me in person please do not forget about the 9 hour time difference!) I will try to go before, but no promises; it isn’t always easy for me to get to an internet club. Other exciting things happening for me on Wednesday – I will learn our new president elect! That is exciting. My cluster and I are going to try to go to a friend’s house Wednesday evening to watch satellite tv, aka English speaking channels like CNN, to watch election coverage. If all goes according to plans after our site announcement meeting we will head to her place and make pizza and brownies and watch CNN. I hope it all works out as planned because it will be really fun, but you never know.

What else, I haven’t taken any pictures lately, however I snagged some random photos from Amy. Both of these pictures were taken during our morning language classes. (Yes I am wearing the same outfit, but no the pictures were not taken on the same day. I wear the same outfits for a week before I change them. I also shower weekly, but this past weekend I missed shower day so I am going to try to get one tomorrow night or I will just have to wait until next weekend!) Both of these pictures require a bit of explanation. The first one is a game we where playing to learn office words and titles. It was really funny, but it was one of those instances you really had to be there to find it funny; regardless I am going to post the picture anyway. The second picture is very Peace Corps in my opinion. What I mean is that yes I am sitting in class having blood drawn by one of the PC doctors! Since I have joined the PC I have had shots and blood drawn in hotel rooms and school classrooms. It really makes me laugh and sometimes I feel like I should be in a movie. Just imagine walking into a hotel room with flies buzzing around the room, you sit on the bed and roll up your selves and get several shots from a doctor with all their equipment and medicine neatly spread out on the bed and counter. I mean really – it sounds like a scene from a movie and it always seems a little surreal to me! But, no worries the doctors are great and everything is really sanitary and sterile. (The reason it is done in random places is the medical office is in Baku and all of Az6 is in Sumgayit – it is just so much easier for them to come to us instead of visa versa.)

I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment. If there is anything in particular you want me to talk about on my blog either just email me or post a comment and I will try my best to discuss it in my next post!
Me getting my blood drawn in class

Amy, Alison, Me, Sabina, Kim, & Jake

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Mara said...

Thanks for the update. We laughed at visual we got of your blood being drawn. we just saw joy run your 1/2 marathan. She killed it for you with a 2:05 ish time! Joanna will send you photos of joy running.We miss you much. I(mara) dreamed you came to visit- it was great!
Love you!
Joanna and Mara