Friday, November 21, 2008

Imishli it is!

Well, who knew that in that in just 8 short weeks that I could come so attached to a rountie and place. I have been living in Sumgayit for just 2 months and I did not think that I had grown so attached to my surrounding, daily routnie, etc.. there. But, when I came to Imishli I releazied that was not the case. However, I think after just getting used to a new house, new people, new rountie, new city, and in general just a slower pace of life I will be really happy here!

Imishli the city is so much prettier that Sumgayit, from what I can tell is looks like it was planned on a grid system and there are a lot of trees on all the streets (not the case in Sumgayit). The grid system will be great for me since I get lost everywhere I go! I was really foruntate I was able to meet up with Amber, one of the two Az5 serving in Imishli, Tuesday morning in Baku and we took the 4ish hour bus ride down together. Tuesday afternoon I toured my organization, ARAZ, and then headed to my new home. So, I was a little off on the details of my new family. My host mom is a widow, house wife, and she has 3 children. The oldest daugheter is either 21 or 22 (she works full time), the second oldest daughter is 19 (she does not work or go to school, she is engaged and the wedding is in March (quick side note-I will still be living with them through this entire process – I am really excited about it!), and the youngest is a boy who is 17 (he is in school but when he gradauates he will go and serve his mandatory 1 ½ years in the army). So far I have really enjoyed my family and I think is will be a great fit! They don’t speak any english nor does anyone at ARAZ! So guess who needs to step up their game on language studying!?! Yep.

So ARAZ, honestly I still have no idea exactly what I will be doing here. Actually, I might be more confused now that I am in Imishli than I was before! However, Wednesday afternoon two women from the ARAZ headquarters office in Baku came down and translated so that my director and I could have a meeting. He told me some of the projects ARAZ has done in the past and what they hope to do in the future. I told him some of my intersts and he said that when I come in December we will iron out my work plan. (My director also works in another organization, FINCA – I don’t know his exact postion but I do know he is very important, i.e. he is very busy all the time.) I do know that ARAZ is a NGO which is motivated to improve the quailty of life for women and low income families. They are a humanitarin organization and everything their goals aline exactly with my interests – so I think it will be a great fit. But, as my director said through translators – we just have a langauge problem! Hahaha. To put it mildly!

Thursday I was able to meet up with the two PCVs who are currently living here, Amber and Greta. Amber is also YD and Greta is TEFL. They are both really nice and I am looking foward to having them as my sitemates. I told my PM that I didn’t care if I had sight mates or not, but now that I am here I am really glad that I have them. But as I have told many people in emails – I am so happy to be here. Joining the PC has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made in awhile! In just 20 short days, on December 11th, I will move permenantly to my new home! I am looking forward to moving and I am looking foward to going back to Sumgayit tomorrow to spend those last few weeks with my friends before we scatter all over the country! Oh. I almost forgot some exciting news – so in ARAZ I have a great big office with a computer and everything – I mean I got hooked up! And here is the greatest part of it all – my director said that in December he is putting internet in my office! So when I move here I will be able to stay in touch better! Well, at least through email; the post office here does not send mail to America. I can recieve mail and packages from America here, however I have to hold all my mail until I make a trip to Baku and mail it there. So, my mail to America will be slower, but small price to pay!

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