Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Address!

Finally, I have my new address! I have posted on the right of my blog. I am currently at work so I don't have a lot of time this second to write an update, but I will write more later this week.

Few quick things of interest though. It is snowing here. Unbelievable! As many of you know I don't like the snow so I can't believe that is snowing here! (Just light snow, but sticking to the ground.) Today was the second day since I got here that I woke up to no water - frozen pipes. I don't think that is a good sign of what is to come! :) Everyday the power goes out, usually only for a couple of hours though. What else? I think that is it for now. I am doing well and have Internet at work so hopefully I will be much better about updating everyone and quicker to respond to emails!


The Biambys said...

Bring back memories from the cold winter in Iceland! I bet you thought you wouldn't live somewhere cold again. We are thinking about you while we are in flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts, sweating in the 80 degree weather, lol. Can you get on MSN chat while at work?

Amy said...

hannah!! sounds so familiar to armenia! makes me miss it a little - but just a tiny little bit. we're continuing to pray for you! hope you're staying at least semi-warm with all that great gear from GOPC. love and hugs!

- amy hamm