Friday, December 19, 2008

Different kind of life

So my first full week of work is coming to an end today. Well, maybe it is better to say full week of work as in 5 days straight! I am not the busiest yet, but I am pretty confident things will pick up after the new year. Right now, there is not much point trying to start new activities and what not when everything will be closed within a week for new years holiday. So I will wait until the beginning of January before I attempt to start conversation clubs and what not.

Another first week, yesterday marked my first full week living in Imishli and I find myself worrying about things that I have never even phased me before. Like, when the pipes freeze how will I get water to drink? (Not to shower - least of my worries is if I am going to miss my weekly shower!) Or will I be able to force myself to use a pit toilet that is full and overflowing? (No lie, pit toilets do fill up! Who knew? I alwyas thought they had bottomless pits that just went on forever! Thankfully for me though just two days ago my host family got someone to come suck it out (while I was actually using it - let me just say nasty!)) Or when the power goes out what am I going to do to pass my time? Or did I wear enough layers to sit in a room for 3 hours without heat when it snowing outside? (Oddly enough, I have decided in situations like that it is actually warmer outside than in!) Or am I going to be home before dark, if not do I have an escort to walk me home? However, despite the new concerns I face I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing! I am very happy here and I look forward to all that is to come!

On a lighter note, I am officially that girl stops traffic! Like the girls on TV who walk down the street and everyone stops and stares! Who know I could have the affect on people? I was walking around the city the other day and due to my outstanding looks (actually due to looking completely different) a car just stopped in the middle of the intersection, leaving angry drivers behind him, and stared at me has I passed. The cow walking down the road even stopped and stared! hahaha. It was pretty funny. Speaking of which, you all might find it interesting to hear what I see as I walk to work. Mind you it takes me maybe 13 minutes, more like 7 min for a normal walker but as so many people like to tell me I walk slow, to walk to work. One day walking to work, pretty much through city center, I saw all this on one trip: trash fires burning (the preferred method of disposing of trash), a cow just wandering around alone eating trash of the street, a man walking carrying a turkey by the legs (fully feathered) with its neck broken, cow entrails chillin on the street outside a butcher shop, the cow head (detached from the body) with the brain exposed sitting on the ground, the cow skin over in another area, and the actual cow cut up in to sections hanging the awning outside the butcher shop. Quite different than my 15 - 20 minute drive through down Six Forks to get to my work in the States!


Mara said...

wow Hannah! it is a different life. what an adventure. I know you are loving it. i laughed about the driver stopping traffic and the cow even watching you. :)

Rachel said...

Hi Hannah! I found your blog and was really excited. I didn't know you were working with the PC. I know exactly what it's like to live without heat and be certain its colder inside than out--although we don't normally get the right conditions for snow. And also have become quite used to being stared at constantly. :) I hope you are doing well and can't wait to read more!

Rachel Pittman
(Hadley's friend in case you don't remember me)