Thursday, January 15, 2009


Dec. 11th, Swearing in Day. This is me with my Sumqayit host sis as an official volunteer!

Christmas Eve at a pub enjoying a beer with friends. (I can never drink in my site, so when we head to Baku it is a special treat to have a beer or wine.)

Me and Amy Christmas Day at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. We don't have a Christmas tree, but the palm tree is close enough! (Funny story here, right after we finished eating a roach fell from the ceiling on the table. I thought is was super funny. None of us, including the waitress, was phased by it- don't know if that is sad or good!?!

Amber, Jesse, Amy, and myself posing in front of New Year's trees (The sign says Happy New's Year 2009)

Amber got kicked out of her apartment so here is Greta and myself helping her pack. Sadly enough I do really wear all those layers inside - sometimes I even sleep with them all on!

Thought is was funny. These are the bathrooms at a pub in Baku.


Boodie said...

I can't believe you wear all those things inside! Joy will probably have to do the same though the next couple of days since we are having a cold snap! I loved seeing the pictures!!

The Biambys said...

Yea! Finally we see pictures. I hope you are managing to stay warm some how.