Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I have been up to

Hey Everyone. Sorry that I have been so slack and have updated my blog in a while. A lot has happened and nothing at all has happened. I will try to explain! I am still not doing much at work, this week I started going to schools to advertise for my youth club. Next week I will hold an interest meeting so I can guage the english ability to determine what I can actually accomplish with the kids. Last week I started meeting with a tutor to help me learn Azerbaijani. She is an english teacher at one of the schools - I really like her a lot. I am still struggling with the language, but hopefully I will start to improve.

I spent Christmas in Baku with friends, it was a nice little vacation. New Years I spent with my site mates at Amber's apartment. We had a low key New Year's, but a lot of fun. Last week I had a doctor's appointment in Baku and I was able to meet my friends Amy and Jake there to hang out for the day. So, mainly what I have been up to is traveling! Friday I am hitting the road again and headed to Ganja. My cluster from Sumgayit and I are going there to celebrate Sabina's, our LCF, 21st birthday. So this weekend I have a fun trip planned. I will not come back until Tuesday because Monday and Tuesday are holidays here.

I do have some pictures to post, but I will not be able to post them until Thursday. Amy let me borrow her camera this week so I am going to take some pictures of Imishli to post.

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Boodie said...

I am so excited to finally get to see some pictures soon. Let Amy know your old mom is anxious to see you and thnaks her a bunch! Is there still snow on the ground?