Monday, March 30, 2009

Novruz Pictures

Me and the host family visiting one of my host sisters and her husband in Tartar (village outside of Ganja)
from right to left: host dad, host sis (her apartment), me, friend of host sis, host sis, host mom
On the trip to Tartar we stopped to climb a mini mountain. This is my host sis's friend, me, and host sis battling the wind

Host mom and me inside our house

Host mom just finished jumping the fire

Filling the hats with goodies to give back to the kids who threw them in the house

Me and host parents in our house (host bro is taking the picture)

Our fire


The Biambys said...

Love the Pictures! You look great.

Boodie said...

The pictures were fantastic! Hope no one tried to jump the fire in that last picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is grace. I'm an AZ9 and I'm going to be living in Imishli. If you have time, e-mail me :) i hope you are well.