Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its the small things

Amazingly enough I finally found a drink in Imishli I like! I am pretty pumped. My three favorite drinks are water, skim milk, and diet coke. Diet coke is a no go in my dear city (it was even hard to find in Baku last time I went much to my utter disappointment), but I can find milk. It is not skim milk, the lowest percentage I can find is 3.5% and it tastes a bit different. However, I water it down and enjoy the special treat of milk. Normally I only drink tea and water. But, a few days ago one of my site mates introduced me to Aquinafina carbonated flavor water, a drink I would definitely turn my nose to in the states, but I tried it and am instantly addicted. It kind of tastes like a water downed 7-up, but I will take what I can. So the point of this - none, I am just really happy I found something I like in Imishli!

Unrelated, I did not go to work this morning so that I could help my host mother clean and prepare my new house. We did a little cleaning, but I did learn how to make my favorite meal - meatless grape leave dolma. I am super excited about this! The coolest part of it was that all I had to do was walk outside and pick the grape leaves off our grape vines and gather the greens I wanted from our garden. I am not sure why, but that was really fun for me - going into our yard for the ingredients needed!

As soon as I am all moved into my new house, hopefully in the next few days, and it is fixed up the way I like, I will take pictures and post them for everyone to see.


Vikki said...

I am happy for you! I look forward to the pictures of your new place.

Hannah said...

Thanks Vikki! I have been hearing cool things about Jake's place too. I am going to see him next week when we all go to Baku for IST. I will snag some pictures of him for you!