Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Pictures of Imishli

Our wonderful Heydar Aliyev monument in our Heydar Park. (He is considered the father of Azerbaijan and every city has a park, museum, statue, street named after him, his quotes plastered everywhere, as well as giant pictures of him all over. His son is now the president.)

An absolutely amazing poster I saw in a school classroom. Yes, I did say school. What else would you want your kids to learn about?

Me trying to get gum off my shoe.

Some random apartments with their toilets in the yard. It is common for apartment buildings not to have indoor bathrooms. Glad I don't live in an apartment, oh wait my toilet and shower are in the yard too - about 50 ft from my front door!

One of the amazing sites I see at the plethora of butcher shops. Sometimes the legs are tee-peed together on the road, or there are buckets of blood, piles of skin, intestines laying around, not to mention the hanging meat or the tied up animals waiting to be slaughtered. Makes me happy I am a vegetarian.


The Biambys said...

I'm so glad to see pictures. That meat is gross. We miss you!

Hannah said...

Yeah, the meat is kinda gross. The butchers hang the meat outside all day until it sells; if I ate meat I would be there first thing to get it pre-fly and pre-sun baked. miss you guys too, loved the pictures from your NC trip!