Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am so out of shape

Sunday morning I went for a jog. I leave my house between 6.30 and 7.00 am for my jogs because there are less people and cars; i.e. less stares and less likely one of the crazy drivers will hit me! So, I follow the same jogging rules I did in the States: stay on the side of the road and run toward traffic. Very rarely do I see other people running in Imishli, I think only on 2 other occasions have I actually seen people running. Well, this past Sunday morning there was another early riser using my path. I, wanting to be the polite runner, ran to the other side of the road and was going to pass my fellow morning companion (who was walking) and then cross back across the road. However, as I got beside the walker (but on the other side of the street), the walker started to jog as so I couldn’t pass. I thought, okay, no problem, I have a little push left in me, I can run faster so I can pass you! Apparently a race was on his mind because the faster I ran, the faster he ran. For the life of me I couldn’t pass him! He was just faster than me; I couldn’t believe it. I for sure thought I could out run him. Now, mind you, I am on the return portion of my jog so I was getting a bit winded, speeding up and all. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on at this pace, and still make it home without stopping. I was too prideful to admit defeat; I mean homeboy was packing on the weight; I should be the faster one! But here we were racing, with the road in between us, me struggling to hang on and him looking like he was good to go for miles. Well, thank goodness he finally veered off the road onto another path; so I could slow my pace and not keel over and die. So, who was my fellow companion who could out run me? None other than a cow! Can you believe it? I can’t outrun a cow! How sad is that? Every jog I try to dogde the sheep, cows, and dogs, but never has a cow actually started to race with me, and won!


The Biambys said...

Hannah that is too funny!

MAS said...

Chickens now cows what in the world you are just becoming so farmerly. Don't fret haven't you seen that cowboys use horses to herd cows, not nikes.

Sharon Eilts said...

Cows can actually run really fast.

Amy's mom

Anonymous said...

:) :) :)

Yeah, you sure musta looked odd to the locals. Chasing cows down the streets. What will Americans think of next? ;)