Thursday, June 25, 2009

What do you do after work?

Okay, I have said this before but everyday I start to believe it more and more. I am country! Tuesday I got home from work around 6.30ish pm. My host family was enjoying a tea picnic outside. So I changed from my work clothes (skirt and t-shirt) to my house clothes (shorts and tank top) and joined them for a nice steaming hot cup of tea while sitting in the steaming hot weather! (Weird I know, but they think I am weird because I like to drink cold water when it is hot.) Anyway, after our leisurely tea break with pastries, jam, and chocolate and talking about various things my host mom asked me to help her out. So, what was my task? To climb a latter and pick cherries from our cherry trees! She wanted to make compote (a drink that consists of fruit, sugar, and water- I particularly don't like it because I think it is too sweet, but it is a favorite drink here). So after I picked cherries (which is a little harder than it sounds. My host mom was busting out with her skills filling her bucket way faster than mine. She said it is because I am a city girl and she is a village woman, but everything she does she makes it look so easy and takes me twice as long to do!) I then preceded to start a composting pile in my yard. Then I took a cold shower to cool off (my new nightly routine: Jump in the shower with cold water, rinse off, put my clothes on (without drying off) and then go in my house - it makes all the difference in the world). After that I roasted some veggies to eat with my home made hummus and had dinner while watching The Wire (one of my new favorite TV shows).

PS. Thanks to everyone who wrote me emails and left comments on my blog to make me feel better about being outrun by a cow!

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