Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joy's first impression of the good old Az

So Joy successfully made it through customs, got her visa, and found me in the airport! I was so excited to see her! We had a good day today walking around Baku and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we will be traveling down to Imishli.

Well, what does Joy think of Azerbaijan? On the ride home from the airport she first of all was exposed to the craziness of drivers here as they drive anywhere on the road the please (lane markers mean nothing). Then she saw a car driving down the street with its trunk open. No big deal, right? Right, unless it was a trunk overflowing with decapitated bull's heads in it (horns and all!).

And today on our walking tour? Well, using my handy guide book to pick out interesting sites only led us to everything we really wanted to see being closed down for repairs!

So, all I can say is - Joy welcome to life in Azerbaijan!

PS. I now have a camera and pictures will be uploaded soon! Thanks mom!

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