Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why I like Georgia better than Azerbaijan

1. I can wear whatever I want here (i.e. tank tops)

2. Cold diet coke everywhere

3. I can afford to eat a banana daily

4. Goodwill supermarket (a mix of super target and Ikea - never been so overwhelmed in my life)

5. The police are friendly and helpful (it is no problem for me to approach them to ask for help) 

6. It is not as hot (thanks to my Imishli desert heat preparing me for anywhere else in the world)

7. Everything is cheaper! 

8. The road are amazing (they are actually paved and have a highway system - travel here is quite comfortable)

9. There is scenery - mountians, trees, parks, clean streets, statutes (besides Heydar Aliev)

We spent the day touring Mtsketa, the old captial, visiting some of the most beautiful churches ever. Tomorrow we will take a two day trip to Telavi, wine land, and then finish our stay back in Tbilisi. Saturday we head off to Turkey, which I am told is even better than Georiga, so I do not know if I can ever go back to Azerbaijan!


The Biambys said...

You must be in heaven with diet coke and something similar to target. hope you guys have fun. enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Oh, I *really* hope you can make it to Mount Kazbegi. It's gorgeous and worth a trip. This is also a great time of year to go there. When I served in PC, I couldn't stop going. It's gorgeous :)

And I thoroughly agree, Georgia ROCKS :)

But what is this you say about paved roads? *gobsmacked* Maybe this wine country tour will show you some of "our" natural roads :) :) :)

Btw, I was posted in the Azeri minority region of Georgia...

Hannah said...

Okay, so I dıd speak too early about the roads. lol! We went to have a pınıc ın Talaveı and the roads were horrıble out ın the vıllage. Oh well! I guess ıt can;t be perfect, but I stıll love ıt!

When were you posted there? Dıd you ever travel to AZ?