Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures of my house

So I am in Baku and I am finally able to upload pictures to my blog. Mom this is for you!
Walk way to my house. My host family's garden is on the left and their house on the right.

Our shower room.

Our shower room.

The area where my toliet and shower are located. The outside sink is where I wash my clothes.

My toliet

My house

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The Biambys said...

Han, Mom asked me to post this. I liked the pics too. We will call you this weekend.

Thank you, thank you for showing us your home and work and kids you work with!!!! I will just have to say I am not sure I could enjoy using your bath and laundry-I am much too lazy and use to more comforts. But your yard is lovely-so many trees when I was younger I would have loved to climb them! Love you, Mom