Friday, September 4, 2009

Tried and failed - still no pictures

Once again I am trying to upload pictures to my blog as we speak, but again it is not working. I think it is the Internet connection here, it is really slow and not reliable. So, I am trying my best, but sorry. And here I thought having a new camera would solve everything! lol. If it is not one thing it is another, the story of my life here. :)

Well, my site mate is leaving on Monday - leaving and never coming back. Her 2 year period is up and she is heading home. I am really going to miss her because we have gotten quite close in the past few months.

Other random things going on here. So, I woke up one morning, went to the pit toilet outside and my host mom was said "Hannah, we got 20 new chickens!" So we went from having 5 chickens to 25 chickens. I asked if she had any man chickens (that is the literal translation of what I say in Azerbaijani, and yes there is a word for rooster but I prefer to say man chicken - much to the bemusement of my family). This is a big deal for me because I am afraid of roosters. Sometimes one of the roosters from our neighbor's yard gets in lose in my yard and he really is a vicious little thing. So I have developed a fear of them. My host mom said they bought about 10 or so roosters, but not to worry because by the end of winter they will have killed them all and eaten them. With the coming of new chickens I wondered if the old chickens would be territorial towards the new ones, like dogs and cats can be. And the answer? Yes, they are. My host family has to separate the old chickens from the new. The old ones stay in my yard and the new ones stay in the my host family's yard.

Another random story. One of our neighbors got a cow. How do I know this? Because for about 3 nights in a row I heard that stupid thing mooing in the middle of the night. It drove me crazy. I would lie in bedding thinking 'man, will they hurry up and kill that thing!' Which I have decided either makes me the coolest or the absolute worst vegetarian ever; I guess it depends on how you look at it! But, last night - no mooing. So I guess they finally did kill it. I don't think I was at home when it happened because I would have heard it. It is not a very pleasant sound to hear a cow being butchered, FYI. It makes some of the loudest screams, a bit human like too actually (sheep are the same). Now I'm sure I have you all loving me right about now, so I think I will change subjects.

I have said this before, but I am going to say it again. I still get so amazed and excited when I can walk in my yard and find fresh eggs and pick grapes, figs, berries, hot red and green peppers, and regular green peppers for eating (the fruits and veggies in season right now). I love it! I don't know what I will do when I come back home. I guess I will have to start a garden (with my mom's green finger of course; I have a knack for neglecting and then killing plants.)

Still no pictures, even though I have been trying to upload 5 pictures onto my blog for the past hour. So once again, I give up. Sorry friends!


Boodie said...

Oh goodness. I am really going to have to change things at home when you return. Not only am I going to have to start raising chickens so you will have something to play with BUT I am also going to have to cut down all my trees in the yard so you can have a garden. WOW!
At least the chickens would provide fertilizer, right?

Hannah said...

yeah mom, you better get on that! lol. but I think that means first the dogs must go... :) all in love!