Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Hey Everyone. I thought I would write a post to let everyone know that I did make it back from my Christmas vacation to the US. I arrived Sunday back in Imishli after spending a few days in Baku with an American family. I spend New Year's with them and ate tons of amazing food. I also bought fireworks (a first) and set them off (also a first) for the kids - that was a lot of fun.

Back to Imishli; like I said I got back Sunday late afternoon to Imishli. My new site mate, Joe, came over for a bit. That was the third time I met him (he arrived to Imishli the day before I left for vacation). We hung out for a bit and then I spent a while unpacking, reorganizing, and cleaning my house - a lot of little bugs and spiders had taken over my space while I was gone. Monday: My host mom left for Baku early in the morning (still haven't had a chance to catch up with her yet). Joe came over again and we made miso soup and sushi together. Then we played Phase 10 (a card game I love and bought in the US because I knew I would have a site mate.) Tuesday: Joe came over to drop a few things off and tell me he was ETing (early termination - i.e. he was leaving the Peace Corps). I went around town and said my hellos to everyone I needed to. Wednesday: Joe left Imishli in the morning. I went to work and got back to life as normal for me here. Thursday: Work. Friday: Again, I am at work and hope to catch up with my host mom tonight.

So, I am back to being the only American in Imishli. lol. I am okay with it, I did enjoy my site mate for the two and half days though!


Joanna said...

wow...short lived indeed. glad you have such a great attitude about it!

Mary Ann said...

Glad to see you got back safely. Loved seeing you. I am sorry Joe is gone, I know you were looking forward to having another person there. Maybe you will get another one soon. Good luck with all your new ventures, I know you will have lots of success.