Monday, January 18, 2010

Same old same old

So my goal this year is to be a bit better about updating my blog. But, I have absolutely nothing to say. My life is very mundane. As I was walking to work today I tried to think of something, anything you all would find interesting to write about and all I could come up with is food. Pretty sad. So, at this point in the season the cheapest vegetables are carrots and cabbage. And the cheapest fruits are apples and mandarins (and mom when I say mandarins I really mean clementines). I try to think of different foods revolving around those vegetables, in addition to onions, which are pretty cheap year round. Thus far I have made curried carrot dip; cabbage and lentil soup; peanut butter noodles with carrots; and cabbage, carrot, onion, and mandarin salad. My life actually evolves around food. I love thinking of what I want to make and seeking out recipes for new food ideas and then cooking them. On that topic I now realize that last summer I did not make enough jams for myself (for when I drink tea which is non-stop in the winter). I have already gone though my ultimate favorite of yellow cherries with lemon and now I am onto my red cherry jam. I have others in storage: strawberry, fig (not the kind I made which I devoured in like a week, but a different kind I don't like as much), some kind of sour berry, and eggplant (yes I did say eggplant, it was gift and it is absolutely disgusting.) But, I will come up with something I am sure.

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