Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowed In

Last week I went to Baku for Az6's Mid Service Conference. Well, on the day we were suppose to leave, we got snowed in the hotel! So we stayed a day extra and finally were able to leave the hotel on Saturday, but not allowed to leave Baku because of the road conditions. So, Amy, Jessica, and I headed over to stay with the Riders (American family working in Baku who Jessica and I often stay with) for a few days. We went sledding, played games, drank hot chocolate, and ate awesome food. Once we were finally able to leave Baku I was very excited to see the snow disappear as I headed back down to my region. But, I woke up today and it is snowing here! No love for me, I can't escape it. I am just hoping our pipes don't freeze again; they did a few weeks ago and it made me really understand how much I value running water. I will have to say that I have almost mastered the art of cold weather dressing. Today I am wearing: hiking boots, two pairs of socks (one is wool), leggings, thermal long johns, pair of pants, thermal shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, two jackets (one North Face and one Patagonia), scarf, and gloves. Yes, I am a wimp, I know.
Amy (another PCV), me, Aaliyah, and Elisabeth

me and Jayden getting ready


Boodie said...

Loved the snow pictures! I never ventured out in our snow even though the old sled is still in the shed!

Hannah said...

usually I have no desire to play in the snow, as you know I hate snow, but for some reason I couldn't wait to go romp around in the snow. this country is doing weird things to me!