Friday, January 22, 2010

Hannah, the Invisible Woman

I was walking home from work the other day with one of my kids. I said kids but in reality he is 16. I called the youth that come to my clubs, around 15-18 years old, kids because that is how I think of them. They are just so much more innocent that any 15-18 I know in the US. But, back on track. So Ceyhun and I are walking home, we live in the same general direction, when some man calls out to Ceyhun to stop. We stop and here is the conversation that follows (take into the fact that this entire conversation takes places in Azerbaijani):

Man (to Ceyhun): Does she speak Azerbaijani?
Me: Yes, I speak Azerbaijani.
Man (to Ceyhun): Is she English or American?
Me: I'm American.
Man (to Ceyhun): Very good. I'm a music teacher and I want a Pink Floyd CD. I can buy one here, but the quality is bad. Tell her to give me one.
Me: I don't have a Pink Floyd CD.
Man (to Ceyhun): Why doesn't she have one?
Me: I don't listen to Pink Floyd.
Man (to Ceyhun): Okay. Thanks. Good Bye.

So this is just a typical event for me if I am ever with any guy, yes, including guys way younger than me. I am invisible! After a year of this one would think I would be used to it by now. It still irks me a bit, but not nearly as much as it did before. Now, I just laugh when it happens.

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The Biambys said...

That is funny to me that he wanted you to produce a Pink Flyod Cd. Sorry you get ignored.