Friday, August 20, 2010

Soap box for the day

I can't remember if I have announced this or not but I am going vegan. I have already cut out eggs and cheese and recently I cut out milk. All that is left for me to eliminate is yogurt and ice cream (every time I go to Baku I buy a soft serve cone from McDonald's). I won't be able to completely go vegan while I am here because not going to lie, I really like the fresh from the village yogurt. A staple guesting food for me is a aryan, yogurt drink and dovga, a yogurt soup, since I don't eat meat. That and there is no such thing a soy products here so it makes it a bit more difficult.

But, back to the point of this post. When I search online for vegan recipes it drives me absolutely insane when the search results say the are vegan and then I go to the site, but in reality they are just vegetarian. For someone with very limited Internet access it is super annoying.

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